WhatWe Buy

Gold in any condition! You can sell your gold jewellery (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, etc), old gold, unwanted gold, scrap gold, broken gold, gold bullion, gold coins, platinum – any gold and jewellery that you wish to sell make the smart choice and talk to Gold Smart.

Sell Gold Rings & Jewellery in NZ

Do you have unwanted, broken or outdated gold or silver jewellery? At Gold Smart Gold Buyers, we're ready to turn your unwanted items into cash! No matter what condition it’s in, we're ready to buy your gold jewellery for a great price - broken, bent, incomplete, out of date - we'll take it all! Curious to see how much your items are worth? Here's a list of some types of gold and silver jewellery we're looking for:

Sell Gold Necklaces

Is that one chain necklace too flashy for your personal style? Do you have too many gold necklaces, or a few broken ones you've been "meaning to fix" for years? Bring it to Gold Smart Gold Buyers! We buy all types and conditions, including popular New Zealand gold necklaces in 9ct (.375) purity gold and 18ct (.750). You get to make room in your jewellery collection and put cash in your pocket for the gold necklaces you actually want - no worries!

Sell Gold Bracelets

Whether you just find yourself never wearing a particular bracelet or you broke the clasp at a party ages ago, your outdated, unwanted and broken gold bracelets could be making you cash right now! Use your newfound money to snag bracelets that are more your style, or for other items you want or need - either way, you're making a smart decision by selling to us! Whether it's the traditional NZ minimum carat of 37.5% gold, or 9ct or higher purity, we happily buy gold bracelets.

Sell Gold Wedding Bands

Renewing your vows - or your spouse? Sometimes even once-sentimental items like gold wedding rings lose their emotional lustre - let Gold Smart Gold Buyers trade you cash for that unwanted wedding band! We'll give you cash for your band or bands, allowing you to start your new life in style - whether it's treating yourself to a vacation or a beautiful new set of modern wedding rings.

Sell Gold Rings

Dents, scratches, too tight, too loose - there are any number of reasons that your rings don't belong in your jewellery box any longer. Here at Gold Smart Gold Buyers, our gold buying prices are the perfect fit for your needs! Trade us your unwanted, damaged or unfashionable gold rings and enjoy the cash instead. We don't mind if it's bent or ugly - gold content is all we need to hand you cash when you sell your gold rings to us.

Sell Gold Bangles

Bangles were must-have accessories once - unfortunately that was over three decades ago, back when no one batted an eye if you wore your leg warmers or shoulder pads out to the dairy. Update your sense of style with the help of Gold Smart - we buy gold bangles and bracelets for cash so you can update your look. Wouldn't beautiful new silver or platinum jewellery look a little more "now" than your old, tired bangles? We certainly think so!

Sell Gold Earrings

We've all been there - sighing at that one stubborn "orphan" earring floating around your jewellery box. If you've been looking unsuccessfully for the other for months or years, why not turn it into cash instead? We buy gold earrings - yes, even single ones - for cash so you can buy a brand new pair if you like. We'll even buy gold hoop earrings that miss the mark on modern style, or gifts from that former boyfriend or girlfriend you no longer want in your jewellery collection.

Sell Gold Pendants

Do you have a gold pendant you haven't worn since you were younger? A symbol or shape that once meant something to you, but simply doesn't any longer? Gold Smart will happily buy your unwanted gold pendant for cash you can use for styles you actually want - or bills, or vacations - whatever you want!

Sell Gold Sovereign Rings

In Britain, gold coin jewellery made of either half or full Sovereigns in a 9ct setting isn't uncommon, but it's certainly not a style for everyone's tastes. If you have Sovereign jewellery that's too large or showy for you sense of fashion, we'll be happy to turn it into something that's a lot more stylish and timeless: cash! Bring us your Gold Sovereign rings today and find out what they're worth.

Sell Indian Gold

Do you have high-carat Indian jewellery, perhaps a gift that you no longer want to keep? Perhaps you want cash for something more important. Wise is the culture of giving gold as presents at weddings – as you will find out when selling 18ct, 22ct, and 24ct Indian gold to Gold Smart.

Sell Chinese Gold

The Chinese culture has a long and established history of using gold as money and in fine jewellery. Did you parents give you beautiful Chinese gold as a savings plan? Whatever the case, Gold Smart will buy any precious gold items from you and will not melt-down any finely crafted pieces. Sell your high-carat and 9999 pure Chinese gold for cash with us today!

Sell South African Gold

Do you have pieces of South African gold jewellery that you aren't wearing any longer? Don't let them gather dust in the bottom of your jewellery box - bring them to Gold Smart for something that's always in style: cash! We'll be happy to buy your South African gold rings, pendants and more for excellent prices. Want to know how much your gold from South Africa is worth? Contact us and we'll let you know!

Sell Scrap Gold

If your jewellery is dented, chipped or broken, you may think it no longer has value - but nothing could be further from the truth! At Gold Smart, we buy all types of gold, including broken pieces of necklaces, earrings and rings, bars, dental fillings and gold teeth, alloy, wire, old gold coins - if it's real gold, we have cash at the ready to buy it! Even if your scrap gold is ugly, misshapen or broken, all we care about is the carat and weight of your gold when it comes to paying you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that "no one would want it" - let us help you get cash for your unwanted scrap gold!

What we WON’T Buy

While we encourage you to contact us to assess your real gold for sale, there are unfortunately a few items that we can't purchase. These include metals that aren't considered precious, such as copper, iron and brass, as well as jewellery or items that feature a thin coat of gold (rolled gold, gold filled, gold leaf, gold plated, electroplated and so on) as opposed to solid gold construction. We also can't buy gemstones such as jewels, pearls, opals, crystals, diamonds or faux diamonds like cubic zirconia and moissanite, costume jewellery or rare coins without precious metal content.

Get in touch to learn more

If your items don't fall into any of the above categories and you'd like to find out the worth of your unwanted items, let our team at Gold Smart tell you how much cash you have coming your way! We'll happily help you figure out how to determine the value and pricing of your gold jewellery with both professionalism and efficiency.

The Gold Smart Difference

We understand that many of you will be selling gold for the first time and have designed our process to be easier for you.

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