How toSell Gold

At Gold Smart we have a fast, fair and professional process to help you get immediate cash for your unwanted gold. Receiving great value has never been easier with our four convenient options.

We Make Selling Gold for Cash Easy

There are a lot of reasons to sell your gold items – they’re out of fashion, they don’t carry the emotional meaning they used to, or you need cash for an investment or opportunity happening right now. When you work with Gold Smart’s team, you’ll never feel pressured to sell your items or to accept anything less than the best deal we offer. Our dedicated professionals care just as much about your trust and comfort as the items you’re selling.

Smart Gold - Courier Pack

Our proprietary mailer allows you to prepare and send your gold items for appraisal, quickly and securely. You won’t need to pay anything to send your items, which are appraised the day of receipt via weighing and analysis. Once this has occurred, one of our licensed gold buying representatives will contact you to discuss your quote and ask if you’d like to accept it – if so, your payment is transferred right into your specified account overnight. If you decide not to get an immediate payment through selling your pieces, your items will be returned to you promptly and free of charge.

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Send you Own Parcel

Prefer to send your gold items directly to us with your own mailing method? No problem! You may use methods such as a Track & Trace courier, same-day delivery service, or “signature required” service to send us your items to be appraised. If you decide to accept your quoted buy price, Gold Smart will reimburse you $10 for the cost of your initial postage. If you’re ready to send us your gold items for sale, contact us with a quick call, email or chat so that we can advise you on how to send them.

Contact us by phone, email, or chat to find out more about sending in your items.

Visit Our Office

If you’d rather sell your gold items in person, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our Auckland based offices. You’ll be able to personally interact with our friendly staff and experience our no-pressure process firsthand. You’ll be able to watch as your items are weighed and tested to determine their value, and receive a fair gold buying quote while you’re on premises. If you decide to accept our offer, you’ll be paid immediately with no troublesome fees or hidden charges for your in-person service.

Ready to stop by? Give us a call or email to set a time for your FREE gold buying office consultation.

VIP Pick up service

If you have an exceptionally large collection, very valuable pieces you don’t want to ship or travel with, or special circumstances that prevent you from visiting us in person, you may be eligible for our VIP Pick Up Service. For qualified** requests, Gold Smart will send a licensed gold expert to your home, office or third-party location to evaluate and appraise your precious metal bullion or jewellery for no charge. Not sure if your situation qualifies? Contact us to discuss your circumstances and we’ll be happy to help facilitate a trade.

** This service is available in select locations and at the discretion of Gold Smart.

Please contact us to tell us about your special circumstances.


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