AWe are a family owned and operated company with offices in Auckland CBD. Our professional team is experienced in gold and silver buying, licensed and ready with answers to all of your gold buying questions!


  • We’re knowledgeable, friendly and never pressure you to sell
  • Your comfort and safety is our utmost concern!
  • We endeavour to give you the best price in the market
  • Our company offers four easy methods of selling your gold items for cash
  • Our physical offices allow you to meet our team personally
  • We don’t use high-rent kiosks or expensive storefronts
  • Our service is discreet and confidential
  • We offer very fast payment, immediately in person or overnight after mailed items are appraised
  • No wondering about your status of your items- we can update by phone, email or TXT
  • Zero hidden costs or fees
  • We’re proud to be a New Zealand business and support the local economy!

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AIt is completely free, from the cost of your postage down to your fast payment.
AYou have four user-friendly options to choose from: Our proprietary (and free!) Gold Smart courier pack, an appointment at our offices in central Auckland, a VIP pick-up service at your location (upon our discretion), or you can send your items in via the tracked method of your choice. Want to know more? Be sure to visit our “How to Sell Gold” page and view our helpful Frequently Asked Questions to get more information on selling your gold and precious metal items.
AThere are several factors that Gold Smart uses to offer you a quote for selling gold items. The overall weight of the precious metal in a piece of jewellery, coin, scrap or bullion, the purity, or carat, of that metal and the price it current holds on the trading market are three of the most important. In general, the heavier the precious metal weight and the higher the purity, the higher the price that will be offered to you. Once the value of your items has been determined, we will offer you a cash price to buy your precious metal items – all with no hassle and no pressure!
AThe market for selling unwanted or broken gold jewellery has never been better! With record levels spurring on investors, prices have risen steadily over the last few years. While there is relative stability in the precious metal market, buy prices can change rapidly depending on the New Zealand Dollar to United States Dollar (NZD to USD) exchange rate. Having cash in hand allows you to save, spend and invest more reliably than depending on the fluctuations of the precious metal market, which is why so many of our New Zealand customers choose to sell to us.
AWe buy solid gold jewellery and other items in any weight, fineness and metal color. Whether the item is old, outdated, unwanted, or broken, Gold Smart is ready to buy your gold items for a great price. Additionally, we buy other precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and silver, as well as gold coins, bullion and bars. Want to know more about the types of precious metal items we buy? Stop by our “What We Buy” page!
AAny gems, diamonds or other precious stones in your jewellery can be removed by our staff and returned to you, if you’d like. Ask about this option when receiving your quote!
AAbsolutely! We’d be happy to have you stop by our Auckland walk-in location and meet our team. If you’re planning on visiting, be sure to contact us by phone, email, chat or through our website contact form so we can talk to you and know when to expect you! You will be treated with respect, discretion and confidentiality throughout your gold selling process with us.

AIt’s easy and secure! Just fill out our simple enquiry form, after which you’ll see a tick box that reads “Yes, send me a Gold Smart Courier Pack“. Once your Gold Smart Courier Pack arrives, pop your items in, seal it and send it back to us for appraisal. Once we receive your pack, our licensed gold experts will examine each piece and determine a value for your quote. If you decide to accept your competitive quote, we’ll deposit the payment in the account of your choice the following day. If you elect not to accept your quote, we will securely ship your items – for free – back to you the following business day.

AThat’s okay! We have an expert staff on hand to test your items and determine their value, all at no cost to you.

The Gold Smart Difference

We understand that many of you will be selling gold for the first time and have designed our process to be easier for you.

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