Sell Silver

There’s never been a better time to sell silver because right now its price is at record levels. That means that anything silver, including sterling silverware, silver jewellery, silver bullion and other silver items are more valuable than ever.

When trying to determine the value of any silver items, the amount of carats or “fineness” must first be determined. With silver, 80 – 96% is typical. Before you sell any silver items, regardless of the condition that they’re in, their age or whatever form they happen to be melded in, your best bet would be to give Gold Smart  a call and talk to one of their silver experts. With their help you’ll be able to turn those unwanted silver items that you have into a lot of money.

Keep in mind that any silver bullion or old currency coins that are damaged will probably be valued based on their “melt value” as well as other things like their condition and the value of their base metal.


Sell Sterling Silverware and Cutlery

What many people don’t realize is that the sterling silver cutlery sitting in their kitchen drawers could possibly be worth a small fortune. From serving spoons to candlesticks, forks, knives, silver flatware and even that old tea service set, with silver being valued at an excellent price the amount of money to be made by selling it is quite high right now.

An alloy that contains 92.5% silver with the remaining 7.5% an “alloy metal” (typically copper) sterling silver has been a standard for many years. Usually it will have a stamp or “hallmark” proving its authenticity. In the last few years, as the value of silver has risen consistently, many people have decided that it’s easier to simply sell their silver to Gold Smart for cash rather than to store it, clean it and only use it once every year or two.

Sell New Zealand Silver Fern

Minted by the New Zealand Mint, the Silver Fern is a silver bullion coin that contains 1 ounce of .9999 silver, making it 99.99% pure and unique among silver bullion coins. It is so named because of the native Silver Fern on its obverse side. On its reverse side a map of New Zealand and the four stars of the Southern Cross are depicted, as well as the word Aotearoa, which means “land of the long white cloud” in the traditional Maori language.


Sell The Australian Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala and Lunar Year Bullion Coins

Minted by the Perth Mint in Australia, the Australian Silver Kookaburra, Silver Koala and Silver Lunar Year coins come in a number of different sizes from 1/20th ounce to 1 kg and feature two of Australia’s most famous animals, the kookaburra and koala.

Interestingly enough, many silver bullion products were made from silver mined in New Zealand at the Martha Mine, located in New Zealand’s most famous gold-mining town, Waihi.

Sell Silver Philharmonic Bullion Coin

Typically sold as investment bullion and struck in .999% silver, The Vienna Philharmonic silver coin has been minted since February 2008. These coins can be found individually but most often are sealed in tubes of 25 coins or the so-called “monster boxes” that contain 500 ounces. With a face value of €1.50 the Vienna Philharmonic silver coin is identical to the gold coin.

On the reverse side of the coin is a beautiful design depicting instruments used by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. There is also the words Wiener Philharmoniker which means Vienna Philharmonic (and not something naughty). On the obverse side of the coin is the Great Organ (still not naughty) from the concert hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Golden Hall, as well as the year the coin was issued, its value in euros, its weight and alloy purity.

Sell Silver Canadian Maples, American Silver Eagles, Silver Buffalo and many others

If you’re looking for some of the most popular, and most common, silver coins they would definitely have to be the 1 ounce American Silver Eagle  and 1 ounce Silver Buffalo coins that have been minted by the United States Mint and the one ounce Silver Maple minted by the Royal Canadian Mint.

These three extremely popular silver coins usually come in tubes of 20 to 25 and can also be found in the so-called “monster boxes” which contain 500 coins. Coins that have been stored in airtight containers and have never been touched usually bring the most value and, as you might imagine, other things like quality and condition will affect the value as well.

The Royal Canadian Mint created 9.7 million ounces of Silver Maple coins in 2009 while the United States Mint put out 30.4 million ounces of Silver Eagles. That same year in Mexico 1.6 million ounces of Libertad bullion coins were produced and, in Australia, the Perth Mint released just under 1 million ounces of their silver Kookaburra, Kuala and Lunar coins.

Sell PAMP Suisse 1kg Silver Bullion

One of the most famous companies to mint silver bullion is PAMP Suisse, a Swiss company accredited by the LBMA. Here at Gold Smart we will gladly buy anything that’s been minted by them. The 1 kg bars that typify PAMP silver include their makers mark, serial number and paper assay certificate and they’re usually sold in stackable cartons of 15 1 kg bullion bars that have a purity level of 99.9%.

Sell Morris and Watson 1kg Silver Bullion

Another company that’s got a fine reputation here in New Zealand is Morris and Watson. Their precious metal products, including their typical packs of 5×1 kg bars that are sealed in airtight plastic containers, usually include their hallmark which is MW, SILVER, 999 and the weight of the bar which is usually 1 kg. For anyone wishing to sell their Morris and Watson products please call us here at Gold Smart for more information.

Sell New Zealand Pure 1kg Silver Bullion

Typically seen in 1 kg ingot bars, “New Zealand Pure” silver bullion is usually 1 kg Silver Ingots of 32.15 troy ounces and usually features the hallmarks SILVER and 999. Of course with silver at an all-time high, it’s never been a better, or more profitable, time to sell your New Zealand Pure silver bullion.

Sell CIMET 1.002kg and 2.006kg Silver Ingots

The first company allowed to produce silver bars under the CIMET brand, Auckland Bullion Traders and Refiners began producing their bars in the 1980s and many of them have remained in circulation up until today. The fact is, they can be found everywhere including garages, storage boxes, bank vaults and attics, and are commonly seen in 1.002 kg and 2.006 kg bars that have varying degrees of finish and quality. Although many of them may be tarnished because of normal oxidation and handling, the price and value of these silver bullion is not affected. ASS, 999, CS and CD are some of the hallmarks that will he found on CIMET silver bars.

Sell silver to Gold Smart for cash today.

The simple fact is this: at Gold Smart we will purchase practically any gold or silver products that you might have. If you have questions or would like to know how we determine the value and price of your silver and gold items, please contact us today. Once you do, one of our Silver Buying Representatives will call you back, get the details of what you have and what you’re looking to sell, and provide all of the information you need on how to sell your silver and gold as well as how much it’s worth.


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