Selling Gold Jewellery

At Gold Smart our gold buyers will purchase any gold jewellery items in your possession that you wish to sell and, as long as they are solid gold, silver, platinum or palladium, the condition of the jewellery doesn’t matter.

Keep reading below for a guideline to all of the gold jewellery items that we will purchase from you for cash.


Sell Gold Necklaces

If you’ve ever purchased a gold necklace in New Zealand, it’s most likely 9 carat and .375 purity gold. 18 carats, .750 purity gold is widely popular here in our country as well. If you think about the gold jewellery in your collection and you decide that there are some gold necklaces sitting in your jewellery box that are dated, out of style or no longer trendy, give us a call here at Gold Smart and we we’ll happily purchase any gold necklaces that you no longer want, no matter what condition they’re in.

Sell Gold Bracelets

Here’s a fact; while gold bracelets can definitely come in to style and then just as quickly go out of style, they never lose their value, no matter if they are chains, belcher style, or beaded. If you have gold bracelets sitting in your jewellery box that you no longer wear because they’re out of style or the longer trendy, swap them for cash today by calling Gold Smart. We’ll give you the guaranteed best price on your gold bracelets in all of New Zealand.

Sell Gold Wedding Bands

Are you divorced, a widow or a widower and no longer wish to keep your wedding band? Maybe it’s simply gone out of style, or doesn’t fit well anymore. You may also need some quick cash to pay pressing bills or for a financial emergency. No matter what the reason happens to be, or the condition or style of your wedding band, at Gold Smart we  pay the best prices for gold, silver, or platinum wedding bands. If it your ring no longer holds any sentimental value for you, or you just want to  spoil yourself, sell your wedding band to Gold Smart and you’ll have some quick cash to spend in any way you like.

Sell Gold Rings

When you look at that gold ring on your finger, is it easy to see that it’s badly tarnished or scratched? Maybe it’s so loose that it keeps falling off, or so tight that it’s cutting off the flow of blood to your finger? Maybe you’re rich Aunt Matilda passed away and left you a gold ring but you’d rather have the cash that it’s worth so that you can buy a ring of your own choice or use that money for something else? No matter what the situation that you find yourself in, if you have a gold ring that you’d like to sell for cash, call Gold Smart today. We give the very best prices for gold rings in all of New Zealand and we pay in cash!

Sell Gold Bangles

Gold Smart buys gold bangles of all sizes, including heavy bangles that are uncomfortable and never get worn. Perhaps its best to exchange a bangle that has no place in your wardrobe for a piece that is more contemporary? We will buy your unwanted gold bangles.

Sell Gold Earrings

Do you have gold earrings that you no longer use because they aren’t matched, are out of style or were given to you by someone that you no longer have a relationship with? No matter what the reason, here at Gold Smart we will by any gold earrings that you have with pleasure, and give you the very best price for them in cash.

Sell Gold Pendants

One of the most popular gifts around has always been the gold pendant because they are so beautiful and can sometimes hold very special memories and meanings. However, if the person that gave you that gold pendant is no longer in your life, and you’d like to sell it so that you can have some spending money, give Gold Smart a call today and turn that unwanted gold pendant into some quick cash that you can use to purchase anything you like.

Sell Gold Sovereign Rings

Do you have a gold sovereign ring that you got when they were in style?  Usually they were mounted in 9 carat gold setting and had either a half sovereign or a full sovereign, so they’re worth a good bit of money to be sure. If you have one but you’d like to sell it, Gold Smart will buy it from you in any condition and also give you the best price possible.

Sell Indian Gold

Do you have jewellery from India, Fiji, Singapore or maybe even Dubai? Most of the jewellery made there was very high carat and worth a good bit of money. Maybe you have Indian gold that was given to you as a wedding gift but you hardly ever use it? If so, Gold Smart will buy your 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat Indian gold and give you the best price possible for it, as well as paying you in cash.

Sell Chinese Gold

In China gold has been used for fine jewellery and as money for thousands of years.  It’s possible that you were even given some Chinese gold as a present or in a savings plan. If you did, Gold Smart will buy your Chinese gold or fine jewellery and give you the best price possible for it. We purchase high carat and 9999 pure Chinese gold and, when we agree on a price, we pay you in cash.

Sell South African Gold

In South Africa gold has always held a very special place in their history and, if you’re considering selling your South African gold, you need an honest, straightforward buyer who will assess your gold items fairly and give you the best price for them, with the least amount of hassle of course. If you’re selling your South African gold it means you definitely need to call Gold Smart.

What we WON’T Buy

Here at Gold Smart we purchase solid gold, coins, bullion as well as solid silver,  platinum and palladium. We also pride ourselves on paying the highest prices for these precious metals.

However, there are some items that we are unable to purchase and those include; diamonds, non-precious metals (brass, copper, iron, etc), silver or gold-plated items (Gold Plate, Rolled Gold, Gold Filled), pearls, gemstones, costume jewellery, ancient artifacts, collectable coins with no precious metal content, gold-plated watches, dental silver (amalgam), brooches, tie-clips, crystals, cubic zirconia, diamond simulants (moissanite), jade, opals, or gold leaf.

If you have gold items that you’d like to sell, give Gold Smart a call today and you can sell them to us easily, fairly, quickly and at the best price possible.


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